Community Development Programs

This excursion focuses on community service at our center in Asni, the heart of the Atlas Mountains and home to thousands of families living a simple existence where small improvements will really impact their lives.  Following this we'll have some days trekking in the wonderful Atlas Mountains and stay in basic, local Gite guest houses.  The treks are superb days at an easy pace and the terrain is mountainous with many small villages, running rivers and good foot tracks.  The final stage of the program involves a cultural visit to Marrakech and a coastal visit to the fascinating seaside port of Essaouria.  In both Marrakech and Essaouira we'll stay in comfortable hotels and have visits to local markets, shops and of course the beaches of the Atlantic Ocean.  This excursion allows pupils to lend a hand to sustainable projects in the developing world and to put themselves through challenges whilst experiencing the wonderful culture first hand.
Morocco – Community Service, Trekking & Cultural Explorations
Community Service and Trekking
8 Nights
14 years and above
Morocco is a land of contrasts - where Africa meets Europe and the Middle East adds its own flavor.  Considered a moderate Islamic state, Morocco opens its doors to everyone regardless of ethnicity, religion or political status.    Our journey combines the best of everything – cities, villages, mountain, desert, music, food, shops and the coast, plus opportunities to do community services and some fun adventure activities along the way!  Expect plenty of interaction with the friendly Berber tribes’ people of North Africa.  Learn their unique drumming, practice the language and taste the delicious food.  We'll fill your week with a lifetime of memories and educational experiences that are second to none.
MOROCCO Multi Activity & Community Development
Multi-Activity and Community Service
8 Days
12 Years Old and above
Adventurebug is pleased to offer your school, club, organization or office a very special Community Development NGO experience with our charities that operate in Morocco.  With over 20 years’ experience leading expeditions and charity events to Morocco and further afield, we have vast leadership skills, safety mechanisms and creative projects for our participants.  This specially designed excursion is life-enhancing for participants in so many ways – especially for the communities who’s lives benefit so greatly from our work.
Morocco Rif Community Development Trip
Community Service Trip
3 Days
16 years old and above
Tarifa resonates beauty, adventure and lends itself to moments of inspiration and even self-actualization! It's a naturally gifted part of Spain that allows for reflection and celebration. For this reason, we like to bring students to Tarifa for a very introspective journey. Sleeping in tents and carrying out activities that prepare learners for greater challenges in life is maximized. Insightful tasks and interactive activities are undertaken with our team and the group will feel a strong sense of interdependence between them as well as a new understanding of what’s really important to their selves!
CAS & A Level Student Leadership Programs Tarifa
2 Days
16-18 year olds
El Chorro is a natural wonder just over an hour from the Malaga coast. The region offers breath taking beauty with a sense of adventure. It's a quiet, undisturbed nature park that caters to all our needs. Day one we carry out lakeside activities and then travel 45 minutes to a camping area where students sleep in dormitory cabins and continue a variety of adventures day and night. Our goal is to undertake activities that prepare the participants for greater challenges in life. Insightful tasks and interactive activities are carried out with our team and the group will feel a strong sense of interdependence between them as well as a new understanding of what’s really important to them. Above all, the Year 12 group will have time to bond together and interact with their teacher leaders in a natural, distraction free setting.
CAS & A Level Student Leadership Programs Ardales
2 days
16-18 years old
This business orientation trip to Algeciras, Sevilla and Zahara de la Sierra provides experiences of how different types of businesses run. The trip is designed with teacher input to meet the needs of the curriculum program.  It provides first hand experiences of how businesses opperate and plenty of opportunity for bonding with classmates.
Secondary School – Business Studies Trip
Business Studies Trip
2 Days
16-18 year olds