Adventurebug designs and implements its own brand of authentic tours, educational programs and all round life enhancing experiences. We achieve this by connecting at a higher level with our clients and by honoring and respecting both cultural & natural habitats at every destination.

We invest in good will and believe in spreading a positive energy through tourism and behaving in a responsible way. We aim to give back more than we take from our destinations and do so by investing locally in tourism products – at nearly every level!


Adventurebug has pioneered its own brand of adventure travel since before our inauguration in Spain many years ago.  As a former Canadian National Parks Interpreter, founder Matt Butler applies a wide range of responsible tourism ethics to his practice and training of his team.  Environmental stewardship; sensitivity to local cultures and customs; reducing our carbon footprint and spending our tourist dollars at a local level. Our aim has always been to undo the damage before us, set the example in the present and encourage future operators to act in a sustainable way.