Adventurebug has travelled the world for over 20 years with a dedicated, worldwide following. Our clients know us and we know them. We refuse to grow in size or become another website pitching third party tours or selling bulk travel. We are the real deal and what we offer, you receive guaranteed,

We are a family run, owner-operated business that delivers our own brand of authentic experiences – this makes us stand out from the rest.

Based in southern Spain, Adventurebug is a fully licensed travel agency and adventure holiday company. We hold all permits, licenses and insurances for worldwide travel and educational programs and our safety : quality ratio is second to none.

Adventurebug REAT (Adventure Tourism License Number) AT/MA/00022
Adventurebug CIF (Limited Company Registration & Tax ID) B93050763
Adventurebug Agency of Travel & Combined Journeys

Adventurebug Insurance Credentials: 
Public Liability (Responsabilidad Civil) AXA Insurance
Accident Assistance – AXA Insurance Colectivos
Travel Agency Insurance – AXA Insurance Caución