Adventurebug has 20 plus years experience in the organization and leadership of school excursions in Spain and overseas. From action-packed winter ski trips to hikes in the Atlas Mountains or teambuilding & cultural trips in Portugal and Andalucia, Adventurebug has a brilliant program for you. Many international schools from Spain and beyond have placed the valuable care of their students in the capable hands of Adventurebug over the years. Our excursions have led to life-enhancing experiences far beyond the realms of the school experience – benefitting both pupils and teachers alike!


Adventurebug takes the normal school experience and turns it on its head. Students will be challenged and excited by the experiences offered to them, whether it´s on the ski hill, hiking across the Atlas Mountains or learning to kayak in the sea.

Adventurebug takes care of every aspect of the trip, meaning that the school, and more importantly, the parent, does not have to worry about anything.  Safety of the students is paramount and a Risk Assessment document is prepared for every excursion. Every trip is supplemented with an educational theme running through it, in tune with the school curriculum. This attention to detail makes Adventurebug stand out from the crowd.


Adventurebug has designed and delivered our own brand of inspiring & safety conscious school adventure programs for over 20 years. Our spring / summer season remains the most popular time of year to travel – however, the back to school months of September / October when pupils and teachers can bond and set personal targets for the year ahead prove just as valuable! Whatever time of year you choose, our excursions combine unique Adventure skills with socio-cultural experiences. Pupils and teachers grow mindful of their surroundings, gain respect for natural spaces and embrace the values of interdependence. Whatever your needs, we can provide a customised trip to suit all ages.


Every winter since 1999 Adventure Bug has been leading winter camps to the snow hills of Sierra Nevada in southern Spain. With school groups of 50-60 young people, Adventurebug provides a complete snow experience, staying in the resort with full days of ski instruction followed by evenings of tobogganing, snow tunnel building, and team activities.


For decades Adventurebug has designed and led community development trips for secondary students to Morocco. We are co-founders of our own Moroccan NGO (, and as a result, we know the country very well and feel safe here. We also lead trips throughout India, Bolivia, Ecuador and many other countries that are underdeveloped. Our aim is to design education driven community service trips that are win-win for both participants and hosts.


Adventurebug is a trustworthy partner for your school when it comes to designing and leading overseas expeditions. We have over 20 years of success in the industry, working with schools from all over the world (UK, Canada, Spain, Kuwait, Lebanon, etc). Our attention to detail and focus on safety and risk
Mitigation is second to none. Our trip leaders are highly experienced, qualified guides who have years of industry experience. Contact us to learn how our team can make a positive impact on your student’s experience!