For over 20 years, Adventurebug has created and led its own brand of FUNDRAISING EXPEDITIONS for world renowned charities. Whether it´s Cycling, Hiking, Running, Summit Climbs or Multi Activity we´ve had tremendous success with our events! Why? Because we are a small, focused adventure tour operator that is task-centered and precise. Prioritizing safety and security, we build the challenge around your needs to ensure the charity receives both positive exposure and excellent funding. Our countless events to some pretty exotic locations tell our story better!


From the mountains and coasts of Spain´s popular Andalucia, to Morocco´s stunning Sahara Desert and Africa´s impressive Kilimanjaro. Adventurebug has successfully hosted many major charity events. From the initial event design, to the delivery of services and road/trailside assistance right to the participants, we are there every step of the way. Our team of specialist adventure guides are highly skilled and extremely intuitive – especially in the developing world where every day life is full of surprises! Here are some of our successful events so far:


We have worked worldwide designing and operating event logistics from start to finish in some incredible destinations such as SPAIN, MOROCCO, TANZANIA and CANADA. Our services always include a pre-event full site visit and analysis for safety and quality – including securing those niggling aspects such as police permits, entrance rights, media rights and more. We look after all logistics such as transportation, accommodation, meal provisions, medical back up services, daily checkpoint logistics, mapping & participant info packs, risk assessments, emergency response protocols and more. Our company is insured for worldwide event management and in over 20 years and thousands of charity participants, we boast an impressive safety record!


RIFCOM (The Rif Community Foundation)

This legal charity, founded in 2008 aims to enhance the lives of those living in the remote RIF mountains of North Africa, only hours from the relative wealth of Europe.

Rifcom is a hands – on, community – based charity in which individuals, companies, teams, clubs and schools can participate directly with our projects in Africa.  The benefits of RIFCOM are immense and their website is currently taking 1000 hits per day.  The first expedition to carry out community service was in June 2009, and was facilitated by Adventurebug who continue to organize and lead these African events for no profit. RIFCOM continues to raise large sums of money every year for projects in the Rif. To see all details about the Rifcom Jordan Challenge, Click HERE.