Giving back is extremely important to us at Adventurebug. We can provide the infrastructure to a charity challenge, and organize all the details of an expedition, leading the challenge in whichever location  has been chosen. We have wide ranging experience running events in the Sahara, up Mount Kilimanjaro…..


Adventurebug has a vast range of experience working in some difficult locations in the world. Safety is of paramount importance and Adventurebug ensures that all eventualities are anticipated and dangers are eliminated. This means that those taking the challenge can be secure in the knowledge that they will be looked after by professionals.


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RIFCOM (The Rif Community Foundation)

This legal charity, founded in 2008 aims to enhance the lives of those living in the remote RIF mountains of North Africa, only hours from the relative wealth of Europe.

Rifcom is a hands – on, community – based charity in which individuals, companies, teams, clubs and schools can participate directly with our projects in Africa.  The benefits of RIFCOM are immense and their website is currently taking 1000 hits per day.  The first expedition to carry out community service was in June 2009, and was facilitated by Adventurebug who continue to organize and lead these African events for no profit. RIFCOM continues to raise large sums of money every year for projects in the Rif.