Walking Tour

Adventurebug walking / hiking tours are simply trips of a lifetime. We always give a little more than just being on the trail throughout the day. Expect cultural and historical insights; interactions with locals; get up close with nature; try the local food and feel like you´ve really gotten to know a destination. Whatever kind of hiking appeals to you, and in whatever type of terrain, or part of the world, we have a walking tour to suit you.
Location: Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka may be India's southern cousin but it differs enormously as it's Buddhist by nature and a smaller, tropical country with a blend of lush green botany and an enigmatic culture that has opened its doors to travelers for decades.  Sri Lanka holds many delights and travel between destinations is not too long.  Our tour covers a wide range of aspects such as beautiful nature, colorful temples, wonderful coastlines and hill plateaus, colonial towns and rural village life.  This tour penetrates the soul of Sri Lanka and the wonderful people.  We welcome you to discover Sri Lanka and with Adventurebug! 
SRI LANKA The Classic & Complete Adventure
Discovery Tour
13 Nights
Family Friendly
Start: Colombo
Finish: Colombo
Dates: Contact us