Walking Tour

Adventurebug walking / hiking tours are simply trips of a lifetime. We always give a little more than just being on the trail throughout the day. Expect cultural and historical insights; interactions with locals; get up close with nature; try the local food and feel like you´ve really gotten to know a destination. Whatever kind of hiking appeals to you, and in whatever type of terrain, or part of the world, we have a walking tour to suit you.
Location: Canada
Join us on a unique hiking exploration of Canada's most pristine nature.  We take day hikes in Canada's most infamous National Parks in the Rocky Mountains, taking in breathtaking vistas every step of the way.  The pace of travel is relaxed and our lodgings are center based in three wonderful mountain villages – plus a night in Canada's western cowboy city, Calgary!  The opportunities to experience Canada's big game such as bear, elk, moose, mountain goat, big horn sheep, beavers, eagles and more will be explored in an environmentally sound way and Adventurebug will introduce you to all aspects of the region's flora, fauna and culture.  An introduction to Canada's most inspiring nature and for real insights of this pioneering culture, this trip has it all!
Moderate Hiking
8 nights
Family Friendly
Start: Calgary
Finish: Calgary