Walking Tour

Adventurebug walking / hiking tours are simply trips of a lifetime. We always give a little more than just being on the trail throughout the day. Expect cultural and historical insights; interactions with locals; get up close with nature; try the local food and feel like you´ve really gotten to know a destination. Whatever kind of hiking appeals to you, and in whatever type of terrain, or part of the world, we have a walking tour to suit you.
Location: Bhutan
This unique tour offers an in-depth visit of the Himalaya's most unique and lesser visited destination, Bhutan.   Classified as a light hiking & exploratory tour of Bhutan's diverse cultural ethnicity and wonderful mountain nature.  The trip is active in the sense that daily hikes and/or cultural walks are provided.   We visit temples, rural villages, explore National Parks, plantations and enjoy spectacular viewpoints.  If you're seeking a glimpse of Himalaya culture and an extraordinary Kingdom of happy citizens than this is a perfect tour for you! 
Easy Walking
11 Nights
Family Friendly
Start: Paro
Finish: Paro
Dates: contact us