Surf Safari

Adventurebug´s Surf Safaris are designed for both beginners and intermediate level surfers. We are fully certified surf instructors and know our destinations well – meaning you´ll benefit from both expert instruction and top quality waves! We offer 1 day safaris from our base in Andalucia to up to week-long surf adventures in Portugal, France & Morocco. We look after all your arrangements from accommodation, meals, transfers, board hire, classes and some great after-surf expeditions to round off your experience! Adventurebug has been designing & leading worldwide active holidays for over 20 years, our experience speaks volumes.
Location: Spain
Southern Spain is a world class destination for learning to surf or just to shred our local breaks!  We've been surfing here over 20 years and know the best locations to both inspire new surfers and reinforce skills for the experienced.  Our Andaluz surf camp ranges from 1 day to 3 night options.  All materials, instruction and (if required), accommodation & transport are included.  Join us and benefit from surf classes and a whole range of fun, inspiring and interactive experiences with us!
ANDALUZ Spain Surf Safari
Beginner to intermidiate
5 nights
Family Friendly
Start: Costa Del Sol or Cadiz Coast
Finish: Costa del Sol or Cadiz Coast