Spring and Summer Adventures

Adventurebug offers logistic and guiding services for our Tarifa based excursions.  Weather the aim is to satisfy both PE, Geography & Environmental Sciences Department requirements – or simply offer a fun, active excursion to a wonderful location.  We look after all logistics so that the teachers and pupils can make the most of our activity program!  This trip is perfect for Duke of Edinburgh or International Award / Trekking Challenge trips as we have all the resources for these day hikes.  All tents and equipment provided by Adventurebug if necessary.
Tarifa Trek & Watersport Excursion
Multi-Activity / Sport
5 Days
15-18 years old
Cadiz and Seville are Jewels of Andalucian culture and history.  For students, it's a fascinating region that intrigues every imagination.  We explore the best on offer for your age group!   Along with visits to Sevilla city we explore Bolonia´s Roman Ruins, Tarifa´s beaches as well as the famous El Chorro. Combined we have days of culture, adventure and interactive time with our fellow classmates and teachers!  
Cadiz Coast & Seville Multi Adventure
Multi-Activity / Culture
4 Days
10 Years old and up
This trip is designed to inspire and positively challenge your group with a series of activities and scenarios.  The excursion focuses on interactive team building with the skills of Wilderness Survival!  Pupils will experience a range of practical applications and real-life scenarios.   
Survival Skills Team Building Workshop
Teambuilding / Bushcraft
2 Days
10 years old and above
This trip is designed to inspire and positively challenge enhance student's and teachers with a series of activities and scenarios.  The excursion focuses on the fun of Learning to Surf with the skills of Wilderness Survival & Bushcraft!  Student's will experience a range of practical applications and real-life scenarios plus come away with the confidence of trying (and usually), learning to Surf!   
Surf & Survival Skills Workshop
Surf / Bushcraft
2 Days
10 years old and up
Seville is the Jewel of Andalucian culture and history.  For students, it's a fascinating city that intrigues every imagination.  We explore the best Seville has to offer!   On return from Sevilla we find Bolonia's Roman Ruins, Tarifa and the National Park of the Gibraltar Straits.  Here we have some days of culture and adventure fun in unspoiled nature.   This balanced program will satisfy cultural & educational areas with some brilliant natural, outdoor experiences.
Sevilla and Tarifa’s Atlantic Coast
Cultural / Multi-Activity
3 Days
10-16 years old
Adventurebug is pleased to offer our fully inclusive, 3 day activity trip to El Chorro.  A fantastic natural area with lakes, pine forests and mountains.  It is sparsely populated by humans and has a special feel about it.  It is also a safe area to conduct such programs and the purpose-made hostal / camping area suits school groups for its high level of security, affordability and access to the natural areas.  This trip will include Kayaking, Mulit-Adventure and an educational visit to Antequera's famous wolf sanctuary; Lobo Park
El Chorro Active Trip
3 Days
10-16 Year olds
Adventurebug is pleased to offer schools our personally designed and fully guided excursion to Madrid.  We know Madrid well and have led pupils around the city for many years.  We explore all areas of culture, monuments, attractions and fun parks too!  As per custom, Adventurebug supplies a Leader on the tour to look after all arrangements and logistics – reducing stress and risk for teachers and permitting students to enjoy the experiences and make the most of their travel time.  If you want the most comprehensive visit to Madrid for your school, this is your one-stop shop!
Madrid Capital – Cultural Multi Activity Excursion
Cultural / Multi-Activity
3 Days
12-18 years old
Similar to our 2 day Granada programme, this trips finds time to properly enjoy the city of Granada, an important cultural and historical symbol for Andalucia and Spain.  For students, its a wonderful example of heritage, culture, art and beautiful natural environment.  This trip combines all aspects and we guarantee an educational, active and inspiring program for the students.
Cultural Granada & Natural Multi-Adventure Trip
Multi-Activity / Cultural
3 Days
10 - 16 years old
Cordoba is where world religions came together.  It's also home to superb music, arts, architecture, gastronomy and history that is fascinating for all ages.  Our Cordoba travel program is comprehensive and interesting for students. We experience a wildlife conservation center; take in Cordoba city highlights and have an adventure day in the rural village of Benamej.
Cordoba and the Sierra Morena
Culture / Multi-Adventure
3 Days
10 - 16 Year olds
Adventurebug is pleased offer our popular Cadiz Adventure Program.  This trip will encourage children to try new experiences that bring out the best in them.  All activities are designed for equal participation and no previous experience is necessary.  We focus on social interaction, cultural understanding & emotional awareness in an environment away from home and school.  Our activities encourage Teamwork and enhance communication, inter-dependence and to instill confidence and task solving at a much higher level than normal.
3 Days
10-18 year olds
This excursion focuses on sea-based multi adventures such as windsurf, paddle surf and beach based team build Olympics.  On the second day, the group will trek the beautiful and rugged coast from Punta Paloma to Bolonia.  It's a fun adventure for older students and we stay in Camping Paloma´s bungalows which brings the group back to nature with the ocean close by. As a further challenge, students will have to purchase ingredients and prepare their own dinners!
Tarifa Multi Activity: Ocean Sports and Bolonia Coast
2 Days
15-18 year olds
Check out this outdoor pursuits and social development program at Ardales lake led by the Adventurebug team.  The program involves 1 night / 2 full days of activities with a special emphasis on bringing the group together at the beginning of the year or celebrating a year well spent in June.  We Focus on getting to know one another better or celebrating the friendships made, as well as promoting positive attitudes towards the outdoors, team dynamics and natural spaces.
El Chorro Adventure Camp
Multi-Adventure / Culture
2 Days
10-16 year olds
Visit Cordoba Province with Adventurebug to take in highlights of Malaga´s Picasso Museum, Antequerra´s Wolf Sanctuary and overnight in a Cordoba based camping area in the pines above the Rio Genil.  A combo of culture, history and natural beauty with a day of fun adventures makes this a superb experience for both students and teachers alike.
Malaga Mountains and Benameji & Cordoba Adventure
Multi-Adventure / Culture
2 Days
10 - 16 year olds
Granada is an important cultural and historical symbol for Andalucia and España.  For students, it's a great example of both heritage and fantastic natural landscapes.  Our excursion combines both aspects and we guarantee this trip is educational, active and inspiring for all interests – especially for bonding and teamwork as a group.  We are certain you will enjoy this diverse adventure to kick start your school year or celebrate the end of term!
Granada Cultural & Natural Exploration
Multi-Adventure / Culture
2 Days
10-16 years
Here's a great way to be inspired with classmates and teachers!  Join our Leadership Day and take part in some fun, adventurous skill development.  Experience multi activity challenges and learn Bushcraft and Team Survival skills.  Be part of your team's planning and collaborate together on a real-life adventure journey.  You will need to make ethical choices as a team to overcome the challenges that lay ahead!  Are you up for it?
Student Leadership Adventure
1 Day
Ages 10 - 18
Start: See Itinerary
Finish: See Itinerary
Price: 20,00€