Multi Activity Tour

Adventure travel doesn´t have to be limited to one activity alone. We offer trips that include a combination of adventures such as hiking, biking, kayak, surfing, snorkelling, canyoning, off road touring, flights, rafting, caving, camel trekking and many more. Imagine a week exploring destinations like Brazil, the Galapagos, Costa Rica, Morocco or Spain where each day offers an action packed adventure different from the last. Our custom designed multi activity trips are popular with families, groups of friends, companies and schools and like all our trips, we add more value than expected – making your experience beyond your expectations.
Location: France
The beautiful Mediterranean islands of Corsica and Sardinia make an ideal combination for exploring the best of the Med on foot.  Having shared a past of both glory and uninvited occupation over centuries, they posses a wealth of stellar natural beauty, low population and incredible land and seascapes.  Our hiking tour invites you to discover both island's best kept secrets as we explore coastal and inland destinations and stay in enigmatic locations.  If you're seeking sun, seaside and wonderful mountain towns with Mediterranean cuisine and wines, this is a tour with your name on it!
Corsica – Sardinia Island Hiking Adventure
Easy Hiking
9 Nights
Family Friendly
Dates: 19-30 September 2022