Multi Activity Tour

Adventure travel doesn´t have to be limited to one activity alone. We offer trips that include a combination of adventures such as hiking, biking, kayak, surfing, snorkelling, canyoning, off road touring, flights, rafting, caving, camel trekking and many more. Imagine a week exploring destinations like Brazil, the Galapagos, Costa Rica, Morocco or Spain where each day offers an action packed adventure different from the last. Our custom designed multi activity trips are popular with families, groups of friends, companies and schools and like all our trips, we add more value than expected – making your experience beyond your expectations.
Location: Bolivia
Bolivia is the Tibetan America, from the immense Andean Peaks to frigid, barren salt flats to steamy, tropical jungles Bolivia is a geographical wonderland.  Our 12 nights of travel confines us to what Bolivia can offer without long, extensive and dangerous road journeys – especially during the rainy season.  As a result, we've selected a blend of experiences that are diverse, interchanging and unforgettably scenic. LA PAZ – The bustling high altitude capital flanked by 6000m snow peaks SORATA & THE CORDILLERA REAL – Bolivia´s hiking capital set in wonderful natural landscapes COCACABANA & LAKE TITICACA – The sun city at 3600m perched lakeside reflects un imaginary light LA ISLA DEL SOL (INCA ISLAND OF SUN) – Hiking island pathways where the Inca Legend was born THE AMAZON BASIN (RURRENABAQUE) – Amazonia´s most bio diverse zone is a must see! We designed the tour to accommodate those wishing to hike on a near daily basis.  It is a hiking trip, but with average altitudes peaking over 3000 meters and more.  The visit to the Amazon region at the end will be a highlight after the week spent in the highlands.  Here we do jungle walks and boat trips combined at only 500m altitude.
BOLIVIA Andes to Amazon Adventure
Moderate Hiking
12 Nights
Family Friendly
Start: La Paz
Finish: La Paz
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