Culture and Discovery Tour

Adventurebug is an adaptable travel company. We love soft adventures as much as active ones! For this reason we have a series of adapted trips for those wanting an easy adventure – meaning low energy output, to our amazing worldwide destinations. We do this all the time! These trips still focus on the highlights of a destination – with a little more focus on culture, history and wonderful natural scenery, giving you more time and energy to soak it all up!
Location: Madagascar
Madagascar is an incredible island nation that is African in many ways yet has a strong Asiatic influence as well.  It´s truly unique in both natural and cultural phenomena!  Adventurebug´s Essential Island Tour really brings you to the heart of all things Malagasy... We explore overland and on foot the greatest diversity of landscapes and communities - taking in a wide range of delights such as protected National Parks and Reserves, wildlife, wonderful gastronomy, dance and art traditions and more.  Our overland journey will really stimulate your senses.  Madagascar is big, bold and beautiful.  To make life easier, we have a short, modern flight back to the start once we reach our furthest destination - which fortunately happens to be a beautiful tropical beach with swaying coconut trees!  Join us for a trip of a lifetime and support the wonderful Malagasy.
MADAGASCAR The Essential Island Explorer Tour
Discovery Tour
11 Nights
Family Friendly
Start: Antananarivo
Finish: Antananarivo
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