Culture and Discovery Tour

Adventurebug is an adaptable travel company. We love soft adventures as much as active ones! For this reason we have a series of adapted trips for those wanting an easy adventure – meaning low energy output, to our amazing worldwide destinations. We do this all the time! These trips still focus on the highlights of a destination – with a little more focus on culture, history and wonderful natural scenery, giving you more time and energy to soak it all up!
Location: Brazil
Adventurebug’s Discover Classic Brazil journey is aimed to whet your appetite to Brazil’s finest natural, cultural and historical elements.  We travel to all 4 corners of this great nation to do so – ensuring that we capture a vast array of its finest features!  From Rio’s Sugar Loaf Mountain and Copacabana to the impressive Iguacu Falls, the pristine Amazonian Jungle and the African flavors and rhythms of Salvador, you will come away moving to the sounds of Samba and feeling the intensive vibe that Brazil generates in all its visitors!
Easy Hiking
12 Nights
Family Friendly
Start: Rio De Jinero
Finish: Salvador
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