Culture and Discovery Tour

Adventurebug is an adaptable travel company. We love soft adventures as much as active ones! For this reason we have a series of adapted trips for those wanting an easy adventure – meaning low energy output, to our amazing worldwide destinations. We do this all the time! These trips still focus on the highlights of a destination – with a little more focus on culture, history and wonderful natural scenery, giving you more time and energy to soak it all up!
Location: Australia
Adventurebug's Australian East Coast journey is aimed to whet your appetite to Australia's finest natural, cultural and historical elements and keep you active at the same time.  From the endless coastlines stretching north; the pristine jungles of Cairns and the Daintree; the spectacle of the Great Barrier Reef and the famed "outback" lifestyle – Australia is simply gifted with treasures and worth the lengthy journey to reach her shores.  Styled as a hiking / discovery tour, we experience Australia in an active way!  Enjoy "tramping" over jungle laden hillsides, forest of eucalyptus, swimming in natural water holes and canyons and meeting the indigenous people who remain the custodians of Australia's natural spaces.  Add a scenic train journey and snorkeling experiences around the Whitsunday Islands to complete the experience.  We welcome you to discover Australia with us!
Aussie Coast & Outback Adventure
Walking Tour
12 Nights
Family Friendly
Start: Sydney
Finish: Brisbane
Dates: contact us